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The recent $525-million sale of Kodak’s patent
portfolio has catapulted the dominance of industry majors Samsung and Microsoft in the digital imaging field.

The research report focuses on the patent and technology landscape of digital imaging within mobile devices.
What's Inside?
  Analysis of Digital Imaging Landscape
Free Research Report

It defines the different components that combine to make digital imaging in mobile devices possible -- image acquisition, storage, manipulation, display, networking and image recognition.

 Patent Holding of Key Players

It evaluates patents held by leading industry players such as Canon, Microsoft, Sony and Samsung, among others. Beyond these top players, the landscape is fragmented with SMEs collectively who own 70% of the patents.

 Analysis of Kodak's Patent Portfolio Sale

It addresses the acquisition of Kodak’s digital imaging patents by a consortium of technology companies and provides a comparative analysis of Kodak’s portfolio with top companies and how it complements the portfolios of the major players.

Comparative Analysis - Digital Imaging Landscape
Numbers in brackets indicate the percentage share of patents in each sub-domain
Size of circle is indicative of the number of patents
Vertical position of the circle is indicative of the strength of the portfolio

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