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The ongoing Smartphone patent wars are about to enter a volatile new chapter as 4G-LTE technology assume a dominant position in the marketplace.

The research report focuses on the patent and technology landscape of 4G-LTE
What's Inside?
  Analysis of 4G-LTE Landscape
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The report examines the current 4G-LTE patent landscape and offers analysis of existing and anticipated patent holdings. It also outlines the evolution of key 4G technologies and provides comparative analysis of seminal (strong) patents.

 Patent Holding of Key Players

It evaluates patents held by leading 4G players such as Samsung, Qualcomm, and InterDigital. Samsung is revealed as a leading 4G patent holder in several key categories, while Apple holds few 4G patents.

 Increased Monetization of 4G-LTE Patents

Around 50% of strong patents are held by hundreds of SMEs with aggressive monetization programs. These companies are likely to assert their holdings once the industry sees widespread adoption of 4G.

The updated 2013 version of the report is available for purchase. Please contact us for more details.
4G-LTE Patent Distribution of Top Companies

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