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    Micron, Samsung, Toshiba, IBM and Intel
    own 25% of Semiconductor Memory Patents.
The research report focuses on the Semiconductor Memory patent and technology landscape
What's Inside?
  Analysis of Semiconductor Memory Landscape
Free Research Report

The report examines the current patent landscape and offers analysis of existing patent holdings. It also outlines the evolution of key memory technologies and provides comparative analysis of seminal (strong) patents.

 Patent Holding of Key Players

Micron, Samsung, Toshiba, IBM and Intel lead the list and together own a full 25 percent of memory patents and applications. In seminal patent holdings, SanDisk, Micron and Intel have the strongest position.

 Memory Patent Involved in Litigations

SanDisk, Conversant IP, Texas Instruments, Rambus and Intellectual Ventures are the top five companies having the highest number of memory patents involved in litigations.

Distribution of Semiconductor Memory Patents across Categories

    Austin   •   Santa Clara   •   Denver   •   Bangalore

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