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This report examines the application of Virtual Reality technology in Gaming.
What's Inside?
  Analysis of Virtual Reality Patent Landscape    
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Patenting activity picked up pace from 2005, and since then the Virtual Reality market has grown tremendously. But will the future focus on developing Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality of Mixed Reality?

 Patent Distribution of Leading Assignees  

Microsoft, Immersion and Sony lead the list of VR Gaming patent owners, with strong R&D and market popular products. However, new players like Alphabet are now racing to the fore.

 Portfolio Health Analysis  

An in-depth analysis of the portfolio health reveals that many leading portfolio owners have large patent sets that are due to expire by 2020. Will this result in increased monetization efforts?

Insights from the Report
Virtual Reality in Gaming
Patent Taxonomy
Distribution of patents of top players 
across key technology categories
Health analysis of the patents
of leading assignees

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