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iRunway Research Cancer Immunotherapy iRunway Research CRISPR Global Patent Landscape
   North America & Asia emerge as
   growing market for CRISPR Cas9 research & human trials.
This report examines the global patent landscape of CRISPR gene editing technology.
What's Inside?
  Analysis of CRISPR Technology & IP Landscape    
Free Research Report

The report examines patenting activities across CRISPR methods & applications, identifying leading patent holders & focus areas of development in various geographies.

 Analysis of Clinical Trials  

Chinese institutes are actively nominating for clinical trials in the U.S as well. Nine out of 12 clinical trials in U.S. involving CRISPR are being sponsored by Chinese research centres.

 Licensing & Litigation  

Enormous potential of CRISPR encourages academic institutes and technology pioneers to monetize and license IP assets. The appeal against CRISPR patent interference case by University of California Berkeley that was ruled in favor of Broad Institute is a case in point.

Distribution of CRISPR Patents of Top 5 Assignees in Leading Patent Offices



iRunway Research CRISPR global patent landscape

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