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iRunway Teardown - Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 iRunway Teardown: Xiomi Mi Mix 2

Unearthing technologies powering Xiaomi Mi Mix 2's ultrasonic
proximity sensor & more.

This teardown report analyzes Xiaomi's technology improvements in Mi Mix 2, focusing on core hardware.
What's Inside?
  Improved Sensor Technology    
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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is equipped with an ultrasonic proximity sensor, which reduces the dependence on extra hardware and also works in nearly all weather conditions.

 Full Display & Pixel Design For Better Viewing   

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 sports a 5.99” bezel-less touchscreen and an IPS LCD with high pixel density. A high magnification of the display reveals an RGB pixel arrangement that enables better viewing angles. 

 Improved RAM for Higher Bandwidth  

High magnification imaging reveals only one LPDDR4x RAM in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, unlike two RAM variants in its predecessor smartphone.

Components Powering Xiaomi Mi Mix 2



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