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iRunway Teardown: Google Pixel 2
   A comprehensive analysis of this leading Android smartphone.
This teardown report maps the technology improvements in Google Pixel 2, with focus on core hardware.
What's Inside?
  Trends in Use of Hardware Components    
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Google Pixel 2 includes a touchscreen IC controller for capacitative touch response strategically placed behind its display screen. The display screen is an always-on AMOLED by Samsung. 

 High Magnification of 5 Power Management ICs  

Five power management ICs provided by Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are vitally placed across both sides of the logic board to effectively manage short circuits and heavy capacitative loads.

 Intel's Custom Designed Co-Processor  

Magnified images of Pixel Visual Core reveal Google's own image processing unit that aims to deliver maximum performance at low power.

Components Powering Google Pixel 2



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