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   Healthcare and Communications industries 
   to benefit from LED technology.

This report examines the patent landscape of the LED lighting industry.
What's Inside?
  LED Patent Landscape Analysis    
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The report analyzes LED technology's patent landscape in the U.S. region. It studies patent filing trends of major companies and provides an in-depth analysis of seminal (high-value) patents.

  LED Technology for Mobile Devices  

15% of the LED patents are related to mobile devices. Samsung and LG Electronics lead the list.

  Patent Litigation and Licensing  

Philips and Osram lead the list of plaintiffs and defendants, making them the most popular litigators in LED patents in the U.S. Universities and research institutions primarily target Samsung and Philips.

Insights from the Report
LED Landscape & Classification
Technology Evolution Tree of LED patent filings
LED patent Distribution among Top Companies

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